Choosing Your Permanent Makeup Artist

Please Please Please do your research, there is so much to be said for being a well informed consumer, especially when talking about your face!!! As Microblading and other Cosmetic Tattooing services are becoming more widely accepted and popular, it is now more important then ever to really do your research and know your artist! You want to pick a qualified artist and not someone who has watched some YouTube videos or had some "online training" or has only taken a 3 days "hands on training" course and now thinks they are good to permanently mark peoples faces. Seriously, I was already in the tattoo industry for years and I was not ready straight out of my very good SPCP Certified Primary Training through Beauty EverLasting, I am still learning and growing and plan to always do so as should any qualified artist.

It is also important not to just pick the artist that is doing it cheaper, if there is a discount there should be good reason for said discount as this is an expensive industry to work in and our proper quality supplies are not cheap!

Please go to the SPCP link below to learn more about choosing a qualified artist.

If you have been the victim of a under qualified or under trained artist I may be able help. go to to learn more.

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